Pest Control in Portland Oregon

Whether you have a problem with stinging insects, bedbugs, or rodents, Portland OR pest control services can help. They also offer exclusion services to prevent the pests from returning.


Several pests are known to infest Portland. These pests can cause significant damage to your home. They can also transmit diseases.

Some of the pests are harmless and annoyances, but others are dangerous and can threaten your health. Some are stinging and can cause allergic reactions. These insects can also cause structural damage to your home. They can also bring food and filth borne diseases to your family.

Some of the most common pests in Portland are cockroaches, mice, and bed bugs. These insects are often found in multifamily dwellings. It is advisable to get professional treatment if you have an infestation.

The most common rodents are mice, rats, and deer mice. Rats and mice are also known to carry diseases. They can also spread diseases to pets. The house mouse is known to spread tapeworms, salmonella, and other diseases.

Stinging insects

During the summer months, stinging insects become more prevalent in the Portland area. These insects are not only a nuisance, but they can cause structural damage to your home. While most stinging insects are passive, some can be aggressive.

The best way to control stinging insects is to hire a professional Pest Control in Portland OR. These companies will protect you from potential medical emergencies and can also help you limit your exposure to stinging insects.

If you have a large stinging insect nest on your property, it is advisable to call an expert pest control company to remove the pests. This will help protect you from any possible medical emergencies and also save you money in the long run.

While you are cleaning your property, check for ground nests. Stinging insects have a territorial nature and will defend their nests from perceived threats. You should be careful to not disturb these nests, as the stingers of these insects can be quite painful.


Getting rid of bedbugs can be a hassle. It is best to hire a professional pest control company to take care of the problem. If you attempt to treat the problem on your own, you could end up causing a larger infestation.

Bed bugs are parasitic insects. They feed on the blood of humans and animals. They are small, wingless insects that have flat bodies that allow them to easily get into tight spaces.

In addition to being a nuisance, bed bugs are a health risk. They can spread from room to room and can cause sleepless nights. Getting rid of them requires a lot of technical knowledge and highly trained personnel.

The easiest way to get rid of bed bugs is to use heat extermination. This method is known to have the highest success rate. This method involves utilizing high heat temperatures for a period of time on an infested area.

Exclusion services

Choosing exclusion services for pest control in Portland Oregon is a smart way to keep pests out of your home. Pests, especially rodents, are notorious for chewing through walls, insulation, and building materials. They are also a threat to your family’s health. Rodent diseases are transmitted through the feces and saliva of these animals. They can also spread through contaminated food, mites, and fleas.

Exclusion services for pest control in Portland Oregon involve sealing up the entry points of pests. These include drain pipes, garbage shoots, and vents. A pest control expert will inspect your home to find entry points and then seal them up. They will also provide advice on how to prevent rodents from re-entering your home.

Rats are a common pest in Portland. Rats eat grains, nuts, and seeds. They also like dog food. Rats also chew through wires, insulation, and foam insulation.


Keeping your home free of pests requires pest control. Some pests are difficult to get rid of, and require more than one visit to remove. They can cause real damage to your home, and can be harmful to your health.

Depending on the type of pest, the cost to exterminate it can be relatively low. However, if you have multiple animals or a large infestation, it’s likely you’ll have to spend more money on pest control.

An initial visit to assess your pest infestation and create a treatment plan costs $150 to $300. For more difficult pests, such as rodents and termites, you’ll need a longer treatment plan.

Some pest control specialists also offer wildlife removal services. This type of pest removal involves removing wildlife from the home, and can involve greater danger. Depending on the type of wildlife, you can expect to pay from $300 to $700.